The Artist 
I was born in New Delhi where I pursued my BFA from College of arts in 2015. I then moved to Boston USA in 2016, to pursue my MFA from Massachusetts college of arts and design. In many ways I consider my process as content, and believe that the experience of making of the work must no longer be separated from the experience of viewing of the work, in the space that it is shown in.
The Work

I draw my inspiration from the curiosity of existence and the richness of the visual world around us. If our mind is a muscle, the mental exercise caused by curiosity is what makes it stronger.

I am using my lived experiences, conversations and manifestations, to create a body of work that is a reflection of a quiet garden sitting privately inside all of us. The imagery in the work is derived from my surroundings and comes from the same garden inside my mind field. The union of the inner and outer self has led to a body of work that is often chaotic and complex, but also fragile and dexterous. The works are layered, driven by time and process. The conversation is manifested in how method and materials have their say in what they become and how they communicate with their audience. I work with multiple centers in an open field. 

The work is about what goes on, on the inside. Through many methods of creating, I am constantly discovering, engaging and evolving with my surroundings. These emotions and sentiments are put together in a body of work that is, paintings, unique prints, sculpture, drawings and installation.